ReverCare History

ReverCare was founded in 2018 as a web platform that connected older adults and family caregivers to expert coaches. The founders of ReverCare, who began at Cornell Tech’s Startup Studio, were motivated to start the company after seeing their own families struggle with caregiving challenges. You can get personal tips on caregiving from many of our helpful interviews with amazing caregivers. ReverCare has since expanded to help caregivers and older adults find and evaluate the best tools and solutions to common problems such as estate planning, home care, meal delivery, emergency response systems, discounts, etc.

Vibrant Aging Acquires ReverCare

In 2022, ReverCare was acquired by Vibrant Aging to further expand the goal of assisting older adults. Jason Gottschalk, Vibrant Aging’s founder, believes this partnership is an excellent way to support the aligned goals of both organizations. Similar to ReverCare, Vibrant Aging’s mission is to provide well-researched information and advice to help older adults thrive as they age.

From Jason Gottschalk, Founder of Vibrant Aging

I have been working with older adults for over three decades now. I have held jobs in many sectors of the aging field in metropolitan Washington, D.C. I was the Executive Director of a large retirement community for many years, cofounded a senior-service technology company, and also served as Executive Director of a senior services nonprofit organization.

In listening to clients and researching for myself, I quickly realized that there were not great sources of reliable information on how to age well. That is what we are trying to change with Vibrant Aging and ReverCare.

To that end, we have assembled a world-class team of researchers and writers to give you the best information available to help you thrive. Our goal is to become your trusted source for information on aging.

For more information on Vibrant Aging or to get in contact with us, please visit our site, Vibrant Aging Insider.