This week, we are featuring Kenisha Brown-Alexander! She is phenomenal, as she cared for her mother while attending college. Through her experience as a student and caregiver, she noticed a lack of organizations which brought together caregivers.  After her mother passed away, Kenisha started Season Of HOPE, a non-profit organization to support caregivers.  

Follow Kenisha on Instagram at @_seasonofhope and @kenishanichelle.

What is the best part of caregiving?

“For me, it was being a cheerleader for my mother. Being able to hold her hand and let her know I was by her side through it all.”

What is the hardest part of caregiving?

“I was a college student, 1 hour away. Going back and forth, sometimes missing class, attempting to student at her bedside. That was very tough mentally and physically.”

What skills are you most proud of gaining since you started caregiving?

“Knowing the right questions to ask. Listening diligently to the doctors and then following up with them about what they may have said if it hadn’t happened yet. Doing my own research and offering suggestions. Although I wasn’t a trained professional I wanted to make sure every avenue was being explored.”

What do you like to do for self-care?

“Sleep!! If not that, massage, pedicure, having a really good meal.”

How do you make caregiving fun?

“I don’t know if i ever thought it was fun. It was very taxing on me. But I did enjoy when mom had good days and we could just go hangout. Go out to eat. Find her a new outfit. Enjoy her having a good day and not being sick.”

What is a favorite memory you have taking care of your aging loved one?

“I knew I didn’t have long time with my mother. Mother’s Day was coming and I threw her a Pink Party in her honor. Just for her friends and loved ones to love on her and celebrate her life. 2 months later she passed away.”

This such a beautiful mother-daughter story, thank you Kenisha for sharing your story.