This week, we are featuring Kris (@LifeWithGrams)! Kris is a caregiver to her grandmother who lives with her. Kris’s love and care for her grandmother is so inspiring, from her motivation to become a caregiver to the fun times they have together. While caregiving can be hard sometimes, it doesn’t stop Kris from giving the best care to her best friend! This is such a fun and uplifting read, we hope you enjoy reading about Kris and her grandmother!

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How do you make caregiving fun?

“Knowing that my grandma has always been my number one supporter is my biggest motivation. She did everything for me growing up and I just feel like I am returning the favor. She looked after her mother during her last few years of life and she always told me, “Please don’t let me suffer in a nursing home. Even if I lose my mind, remember the love.” And I do. I have a blast with her. I treat her like my best friend, because she is.”

What is the best part of caregiving?

“My grandma has always been one of my absolute favorite people. She brings so much happiness to my life. I love being able to be her person. She may not know me as her granddaughter but she still gives me so much love. From a quick hand hold, to a kiss on the cheek, the love we’ve always shared is still there. And although at times she can get moody or confused, for the most part she still has her spunky personality which keeps me laughing! She’s hysterical.”

What skills are you most proud of gaining since you started caregiving?

“I am extremely proud of all my growth. It’s been 3.5 years since I took my Grandma out of the nursing home and moved her in with me. In the beginning I was still learning her patterns and was adjusting to the dementia. I will admit that I maybe didn’t have the most patience back then, but now I feel like a pro! It was a lot harder before I learned all these tips and tricks on how to deal and cope with her moments. She’s progressing but I think I handle her in such a special way that it’s even easier now.”

What is the hardest part of caregiving?

“The hardest part is the memories lost. Sometimes I just want to remember the good old days with her. I miss the stories and the funny moments we used to share. I’ve learned to process everything pretty well, but there are still those times I wish she knew that we are family. Other times when no matter what I do, I don’t feel like I’m doing enough or am good enough. It can take a toll on you to realize you’re doing everything you can for her but sometimes her stubbornness can be hard to handle at times.”

What is a favorite memory you have taking care of your aging loved one?

“She cracks me up on the regular! Definitely check out our Instagram page and you will see tons of personality. She likes to dress up and be sexy. We always have a nice time dressing up and taking photos. But one of my favorite moments was us dancing to Patsy Cline. We twirled and spun around.”

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Kris!