10 Benefits Of Moving To An Assisted Living Community

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We all grow old and inevitably face hard choices about what comes next. For many, it’s a struggle between maintaining some semblance of independence and not burdening our loved ones. In nearly every community from coast to coast, assisted living communities bridge the gap. Assisted living communities offer far more amenities than traditional senior citizen apartments and are far less restrictive than nursing homes. Some of the benefits include socialization, oversight for healthcare management, and access to healthy lifestyle activities.


The community aspect is emphasized in an assisted living community. Residents often enjoy a range of activities from card games to community gardens which encourage interaction. Hearing loss, mobility loss, and aging friend groups tend to suffer the most from social isolation. The social benefits of assisted living communities can help stave off depression.

Prolonged Independence

The numbers consistently show that women outlive men. This means that women over the age of 75 tend to live alone—something that isn’t always safe. Assisted living provides a safe alternative for these women. These communities allow residents to remain living in their own unit while providing access to 24-hour nursing, meal preparation, social activities, and much more.

Access to Safe Transportation

Failing eyesight keeps many senior citizens from getting behind the wheel of a car. Another benefit of living in an assisted living community is access to a community shuttle or arranged transportation for outings. Residents are no longer homebound with access to safe transportation options.

Peace of Mind for Relatives and Caretakers

As many as 65% of adults with long-term care needs rely exclusively on family and friends. While many families are happy to take care of their loved ones, assisted living communities can make this burden easier. Seniors can enjoy an independent living arrangement with access to around-the-clock care on an as-needed basis.

Fixed Expenses

Another challenge that many senior citizens face is managing finances. Social security funds are limited, and many seniors live on a fixed income. While assisted living communities offer more services than a traditional apartment, and the expenses can be budgeted as a planned cost.

On-call Nursing for Chronic Healthcare Needs

A total of 75% of seniors have at least one chronic health condition. In fact, healthcare is the primary reason that individuals move into nursing homes. Assisted living provides a step before going to a nursing home and is the right choice for many seniors who need access to healthcare.

Intellectual Stimulation to Slow Mental Decline

One of the major concerns of allowing otherwise capable seniors to remain at home is isolation and mental decline. Dementia and related mental capacity diseases affect large numbers of senior citizens. Many of these conditions can be slowed or stopped through intellectual stimulation. Senior living communities provide a variety of ways for residents to get the stimulation they need.

Healthier Lifestyle Options

Eating healthy and staying active is as important in later years as they are in the early years. Assisted living communities to help promote a healthier lifestyle through managed nutrition dining options and on-site fitness classes. Plus, residents don’t have to worry about accidentally entering a class that is too difficult.

Maintenance-Free Living

Another big benefit of assisted living is that there is no lawn care or home maintenance to deal with. These seemingly mundane chores really become difficult with age. Sore backs and arthritic hips make mowing and weeding almost impossible for some. Residents in assisted living communities can enjoy beautiful gardens without the hassle of upkeep.

Hobbies and Excursions

While assisted living communities, like Courtyard Gardens Senior Living, offer plenty of on-site activities, one of the most rewarding benefits is the planned excursions available for residents to visit local shopping, theaters, and events. The focus of assisted living communities is on helping residents maintain independence while enjoying their lives.

The Bottom Line

Assisted living communities are a terrific option for anyone who needs a little support but wants to maintain some independence. The amenities seem to cover every need that the aging community has, from transportation to nursing and socialization. Senior citizen apartments work for some, but those who feel isolated or depressed or those who need help managing their health can really benefit from the services available in assisted living.

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