Benefits of Secure Communication in Healthcare

secure communication

As technology advances and online transactions become much more accessible for people, the threat of data breaches and information leaks also grows. Thus, it becomes necessary for businesses to provide secure platforms where customers and clients can safely and securely complete negotiations. 

In 2020, Microsoft reported an estimated 250 million customer records exposed online. Meanwhile, Facebook reported more than 267 million Facebook profiles were put on sale in the Dark Web. 

These incidents aren’t limited to social media and tech, either. They can happen to any business in any industry, including the healthcare sector. In fact, according to reports, Ireland’s  Department of Health and Health Service Executive (HSE) was hit by a human-operated ‘Conti’ ransomware attack on May 14, 2021. 

This rendered the HSE systems inoperable and forced the shutdown of the vast majority of the organization. 

To protect your company, employees, and customers, being General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant is necessary. 

Importance of GDPR Compliance

In this day and age, companies are required to comply with strict data protection acts in order to safely maintain registered employee, patient, and other company data. Compared to the days of ledgers and franked letters, business law is now much more extensive and complicated than ever before.

For organizations in the healthcare industry, it’s important for them to be able to use communication — not just in business — but as an authoritative tool for legals cases and audits as well. Benefits of Secure Communication in Healthcare

If you’re wondering what the benefits of secure communication in healthcare are, this article should help shed some light on the subject. 

Improved productivity

The use of communications tools that are HIPAA compliant helps improve company productivity by facilitating real-time communications between employees/healthcare teams. Furthermore, it adds an extra layer of data protection while sharing sensitive information, such as x-ray records, medical charts, prescriptions, and others. 

This type of system makes it easier for doctors and other specialists to efficiently care for more patients for every work shift. 

Company protection

In the healthcare industry, fast, reliable, and protected messaging is paramount not just for the organization’s success, but also to the health and well‐being of its patients.

Using secure messaging apps in your facitily or organization can ensure the protection of your employees and healthcare teams by remaining HIPAA compliant from back to cover.

Better patient care

According to a 2014 study from the Ponemon Institute, researchers found that a lack of real-time communication between healthcare teams and their patients had a significant impact on the efficiency of care and treatment. 

By providing patients with options to get in touch with care providers whenever necessary, care can be remarkably improved. For instance, providing cellphones for seniors will allow them access to services that will help them live a healthier and more productive life. 

Fewer errors

Mistakes in care and treatments are detrimental in the medical work. One wrong move can cost a patient his/her health — or even life. Dedicated messaging applications and software allow employees to organize information and inquiries. 

Furthermore, since most of these applications can be programmed to answer general patient inquiries, doctors, nurses, and other staff can focus more on other important tasks. 

Medical professionals and specialists can operate without any interruptions that could potentially escalate to life-threatening medical errors. 

Cost effective

Equipping your entire organization with multiples devices can be expensive. Secure communication often comes in the form of an application or software, making it less expensive. Additionally, softwares are much easier to distribute to the entire organization. The faster you can incorporate this software into your organization, the easier it will be for your employees and staff to learn how to use it. 

Shorter hospital stays

A study conducted by the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania found that secure messaging applications and software allowed healthcare providers treat patients more effective, which helped reduce the overall time they stayed in care facilities by around 14%. 

Shorter hospital stays can save patients more money, which can lessen the stress and pressure they may be feeling due to their condition. Furthermore, shorter hospital stays also frees up more beds for other patients in need.

Bottom Line

It has become much easier for cybercriminals and opportunists to take advantage of sensitive information. As more and more people rely on technology to complete tasks, the risk of identity theft and information selling increases. The only way for businesses to avoid legal repercussions of unfortunate events, such as data leaks and information theft, is by utilizing reliable communication applications and software to protect company data. 

If you’re looking for a sign for your company to start considering your GDPR compliance, this is it. Protect your business and your customers from online threats and cyber criminal activity. Learn from the benefits of secure communication in healthcare and find ways to properly incorporate these communication systems into your organization. 

Aussy Aportadera is pursuing the unhurried life in the beachside town of La Union, Philippines. After a career in communications and publishing for luxury lifestyle, food, and wine, she is now a yoga teacher and co-owner of a ceramics brand.