Best Bedside Commode for Seniors in 2021

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As we know that one of the most vital pieces of equipment for elderly people is the one that can assure comfort and easiness during their daily chores. And one of the most commonly used equipment for not only seniors but also people suffering from various medical conditions is bedside commode. Yes, you heard it right, that essential medical equipment is bedside commode because whether someone is bedridden or suffering from a serious injury you can’t stop this natural process of urination. So in order to make this less complicated for seniors, we will be enlisting portable commodes and toilet chairs that turn into free-standing toilets for those who have difficulty going to the toilet on their own.

These free-standing toilets usually come with a solid frame in which a toilet seat is embedded in addition to a removable toilet basket. Below we are going to enlist our top picks that are going to make life a little easier for our seniors who are facing this difficulty. All these products are chosen after doing extensive research and testing.

Best Value- Medline Steel 3-in-1 Bedside Commode


Weight Limitations: 350 lbs

First, in the list, we have Medline 3-in-1bedside commode that comes with numerous exceptional features that make it stand out among the ordinary commodes or toilet chairs available in the market.The frame of this bedside commode is made up of durable steel that delays the process of rusting. It is easy to manage due to its clip-on basket which can be removed and reattached effortlessly.

Specs and Features

– This bedside commode has a push-button adjustable height so it can be used on a toilet seat as well.

– It has a splash guard and a toilet paper holder that offer convenience for seniors.

– It has a very simple cleaning method due to its carry handle and pail cover.

– It is made with microban that offers anti-microbial protection.

What we like:

– It has a splash guard for over the toilet use.

– It offers tool-free assembly with the help of clips that are attached to the toilet seat.

– Antimicrobial protection offers better hygiene as compared to ordinary toilet seats.

What we don’t like:

– The bucket may be removable butthe bucket hole is really small.

Best of the Best- DriveMedical Heavy Duty Bariatric Folding Commode


WeightLimitation: 650 lbs

Second, in this list, we have Drive MedicalHeavy Duty Bariatric Folding Commode. At first, this commode may look sturdy because of its solid frame and foldable design. Due to its adjustable height, it offers extra stability when adjusted low to the ground. It has an extra-large pail with a carrying handle, lid, and splash shield. The back rest of the commode is removable and makes it more comfortable.

Specs and Features

– This heavy-duty bedside commode has a pail capacity of about 12-quarts.

– It has a push-button adjustable height option when used over the toilet.

– It is easily foldable and can be assembled with tools.

– It has an incredible weight limit of 650 lbs with adjustable size and shape.

What we like:

– This standalone commode has a 12-quart pail capacity and 650 lbs weight limit so it can be used for bariatric patients as well.

– It offers easy storage and transportation due to its foldable design.

– The armrests offer comfort for people with heavyweights.

What we don’t like:

– The bucket has a small size with quite a small opening.

– The lid and bucket of this bedside commode are less durable as compared to its frame.

Best Budget- DriveMedical Steel Bedside Commode Chair


WeightLimitation: 350 lbs

We have Drive Medical Steel Bedside commode at number three in our list due to its remarkable features and reasonable price. This bedside commode is not only durable but also easy to use. It is one of the most reliable and accommodating commodes due to its foldable design.It’s a standalone commode that can be used over the toilet and offer stability.It can be adjusted at any height and offer easy accommodation for seniors up to350 lbs. It is easy to fix and remove the bucket that comes with this commode.

Specs and Features

– It has a durable plastic seat and lid that can be installed easily.

– The frame is made up of powder-coated steel and has armrests that offer extra comfort.

– This bedside commode offers quick clean-ups due to its carry handles and pail covers.

– It open and fold easily which leads to easy transportation and storage.

– It has a splash shield for further convenience.

What we like:

– The frame of this bedside commode is made up of durable steel.

– This toilet chair is foldable that offers easy transportation and storage.

– It is easy to use, empty, and clean this bedside commode.

What we don’t like:

– It may need assembly in case of reuse.

– This bedside commode may not be wide enough for some users.

What you need to know before buying a bedside commode?
Frame Construction

First of all, you have to look for the basic framework before choosing a bedside commode. It is the mainframe on which bucket and armrests are clipped on so you must check its durability before choosing it. In addition to this, it must be made up of steel that can support the maximum weight.


Older people are usually more prone to falls because they lack equilibrium due to the age factor. So the bedside commode must be highly accommodating with firm stands and rubbers at the ends to prevent sliding. Apart from this armrest must be present to ensure extra comfort.

Height Adjustment

Bedside commodes are usually manufactured for people who are unable to use regular toilets due to discomfort. So in order to avoid this problem, you can adjust the height depending upon the feasibility so that it’s neither short nor tall.

Wide Bucket

In addition to all the above-mentioned features, you must also keep the size and adjustability of the bucket under consideration. The bucket must be wide and removable so you can clean and fix it with ease.

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