Gerontology Healthcare Professionals: Who They Are and What They Do


Gerontology professionals enrich the lives and experiences of aging people and their families by collaborating with everyone to ensure that all points are addressed on behalf of an aging person.

It is important to be familiar with different gerontology healthcare professionals, so you know what resources are available to you.

Gerontology Healthcare Professionals‍

The professionals of gerontology focus on different aspects of the aging process. Their goal is to better the lives of aging individuals from nutrition to care logistics to paying for care. The field of gerontology is multi-disciplinary and includes professions such as social workers, in home caregivers, elder law attorneys, and healthcare providers.

Get to know the gerontology professionals:

⭐️ Geriatric Social Worker  

This individual is a great resource guide to help family of an aging person find solutions to difficulties. The geriatric social worker can offer a listening ear, provide objective opinions and assessments, and help connect you with other professionals as needed.

⭐️ Geriatric Healthcare Provider

The geriatric healthcare provider is a general practitioner that has extensive medical knowledge required specifically in treating the aging population. This professional works with each patient to prevent, diagnose, and treat complications associated with aging.

⭐️ Elder Law Attorney‍

An elder law attorney has knowledge of the legal details that pertain to elderly people. Legal topics that are specific for older adults include: social security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits. The elder law attorney is also well versed in putting together the paperwork for Power of Attorney, guardianship, long-term care planning, retirement, and estate planning.

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⭐️ In Home Caregiver‍

In home caregivers are trained to address a wide array of health issues associated with aging. This professional can help prolong an elderly person’s ability to live at home as independently as possible. They may provide services such as: housekeeping, meal preparation, medication reminders, personal care, and hospice care.

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Gerontologists look at a person’s life as a whole and determine what processes need to be implemented so that person can live with dignity and a feeling of purpose throughout their entire life.

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Barbara Brown holds a master's degree in Interdisciplinary Gerontology from Bowling Green State University. She is passionate about improving the lives of older adults and helping them to thrive.